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The Dance Studio Inc Romeo Michigan

Classic dance classes are designed for the recreational and non-competitive dancer, regardless of skill level. Classes are both focused on technique while learning choreography that will be performed at our recitals. Please discuss with a dance professional from TDS what the best classes would be for your dancer, depending on their age and experience. 


Instructor's Approval Required - This class consists of strengthening exercise and gymnastic floor work.  Individuals work at their own level.  Limber, handsprings, aerials, sumis are just a few things that will be taught.  Tight clothing, bare feet and hair pulled back  required.



Russian and Cecchetti techniques are taught.  Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles, and highly recommended.  Leotard tights, pink ballet shoes and hair pulled back required.



Both "hoofing" or rhythm tap along with Broadway style are taught, with both technique and terms.  Dancewear and black tap shoes are required.



This style of dance showcases a dancer's individuality and style.  It is energetic and fun consisting of fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  Dancewear and tan jazz shoes are required.



Funk, hip hop, street jazz are all terms that refer to street dance style performed to hip hop music.  It includes breaking, locking and popping.  Loose fitting clothing and clean tennis shoes or hip hop sneakers are required.


This style is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic. Focusing on conveying musicality and emotion thru movement. It is a combination of highly technical and pedestrian movement. Dancewear and lyrical shoes or barefoot.


This class stresses proper jazz technique using jumps, leaps, and combinations. Dancewear and jazz shoes are required.


For the advanced dancer, this class will teach basic modern and contemporary technique.  Dancers will also have time to work on their improv/choreography skills.  In each class, dancers will learn a new combination, and practice creating their own movement.  


Musical Theater

This class combines all the elements of Broadway and musical theater - dance and singing. Students will work on singing and proper vocal technique for portions of the class and will learn dance choreography while expected to sing at the same time.



This class consists of strength, conditioning, and stretch techniques, with heavy focus on how a dancer can benefit from building muscle and increasing flexibility in certain areas.

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