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The Dance Studio Inc Romeo Michigan

TDS teaches music both in private lessons and group vocal classes. Currently offering private instruction in Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Bass, and all Marching/Jazz Band instruments for students of any level and age. Students are offered various opportunities to perform throughout the year at our recitals, while some are invited to compete in the yearly national music competition American Guild of Music.


The benefits of learning piano (or any instrument) are widely known, making piano our most popular form of private music lessons. Students will learn general music theory, note reading, chords, and much more. ONce a basic foundation and understanding of music is built students will have the option to learn either modern or classical pieces to perform.  


Private vocal lessons combine classic vocal health and technique while developing the student's unique vocal abilities at the same time. Depending on the student's interests, we have teachers qualified to teach Classical, Broadway, or modern Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, etc. 

Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin 

Private lessons in both acoustic and electric guitars, plus the ukulele. A general understanding of music theory will be developed while learning how to both play chords and finger pick. Some students are invited to participate in our modern style rock band "Hyperactive" (directed by Mr. Rick), giving them the opportunity to play and collaborate with other developing musicians. 


The GLUE in any band, students will learn all the elements of what it means to be a bassist. An understanding of music theory will be developed while students learn to hold a steady rhythm with their drummers.


Drummers learn the importance of steady rhythm, while learning different grooves and drumming patterns. Drummers will also be offered the opportunity to collaborate with other melodic instruments for our recital performances.

Concert Band Instruments (Baritone, Clarinet, French Horn, Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba)

Private lessons in all concert band instruments in both marching and jazz band styles. These classes are great for the middle or high school student in their school's band who would like to further develop their skills as a musician, or younger musicians who just would like a head start! Taught by degreed and talented musician, Mr. Mike Blasius.

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